Tri Colour Tahitian Shell Pearl Choker Necklace

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Tri Color White, Grey  and Lavender Blush Faux Tahitian Pearl Choker Necklace

This pearl necklace epitomizes timelessness and elegance. The colours are neutral, and they are combined in such a way as to coordinate well with a wide array of colours you may have in your wardrobe. Perfect to wear daily, as well as for special occasions.

The pearls are 12-15mm diameter
Necklace length is 19  1/2 inches including the clasp.

Shell pearls are man made and are created from the inner lining of the oyster - the mother of pearl. It is ground to a fine powder and blended into a glass matrix. They have a beautiful lustre, a nacre much like a genuine saltwater pearl. However, they stand up to daily wear much better than genuine pearls for a lifetime of enjoyment. And at a fraction of the price of equal sized natural South Sea Pearls. 

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