Antique Victorian Enamel gold tone "Forget Me Not" Bar Pin Brooch

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Antique Victorian Bar Pin in Blue "Forget Me Nots"

Old World nostalgia with this classic Antique Victorian Bar Pin in enamel "Forget Me Not"

The enamel is not damaged, though the metal, gold plated , does show signs of wear.
length 1 3/8"
C style closure
Pin in good condition.

Elegant and attractive, this pin is perfect for making a statement. In Victorian times , forget me not designs were a popular gift between friends and lovers.
Usually worn high at the center of a collar or to fasten a lace scarf.

Its unique bright blue forget-me-not blossoms jump out from the gold background.

Light in weight, it's comfortable and easy to wear daily as it isn't flashy.

Make a statement with this stylish pin and stand out from the crowd.

- Antique Victorian Bar Pin
- Forget me not
- love token

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